Round and round spinning
like a top we go. Always in one
direction, sun’s light strobing
night and day. Wouldn’t it be fun
to go the other way? If the sun
rose in the west and set in the east?

So I thought to myself what if we all started running from west to east …could we reverse earth’s spin? I started running, then asked friends to join my folly, till in all the lands six billion people were in the chase. Twelve billion feet in unison we stepped and suddenly it happened. Earth stood still, then slowly at first, it went in reverse. Then faster and faster it turned the other way. The sun rose in the west and set in the east. Though none thought it could happen I knew a little secret ... time started counting back and the years retreated. We all had another chance to make new choices. I ran and ran as time receded but in my haste I went too far. So now I’m younger, much younger you see! I’ll have to wait to grow up and see who I'll be!


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